Thank you for choosing mypreorder!

If you've not yet signed up online, please do so by visiting our Web Site (, choose a plan, and follow the on-screen instructions. 

After signing up use this checklist to help you get started and then send all requested information and electronic materials to mypreorder (via a new support ticket) so that we can help you get set up and accepting prepaid online orders.

  • Your logo - at least 160px x 160px png.
  • Trading hours. Are you open on public holidays?
  • Loyalty and discount scheme details, e.g. buy 9 items and get 10th free

Depending on the plan you choose and which point-of-sale (POS) you use, we may require additional information or electronic materials, and we'll request this as necessary.

  • For non-integrated POS, a copy of your takeaway menu and prices, including information on menu items that can be customised, such as the sizes available, fillings, toppings and whether these changes have an effect on the price. Also indicate vegetarian etc and any items that are only available during specific times of the day.
  • If you have an existing Windows-based POS system with docket/receipt printer, please provide your POS suppliers name and contact details, plus the POS software name and printer model. This information will help us to prepare for your installation.
  • Images for your menu items are optional but recommended: 500px x 500px png

For branded apps we require these additional assets:

To connect mypreorder to your own payment gateway, follow this guide to sign up to Pin Payments:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate in contacting our support team.

Thank you again for choosing mypreorder!

Internet Access

mypreorder uses the Internet to communicate with the mypreorder servers and send incoming orders to your POS. To ensure uninterrupted service for you and your customers, please ensure that your Internet connection is in the best possible health:

If you have been experiencing issues with your internet connection or Wi-Fi recently then now is the time to contact your Internet Provider for a solution.
If your Wi-Fi is provided by a third-party so that your customers can connect to it, then ask your Wi-Fi provider to remove any connection time-out and download limits for you.
If you’re using a pre-pay 3G/4G connection, then ensure you have recurring billing set up or appropriate reminders in place to keep your account active.


Similarly, if you are using existing hardware that has been causing you issues recently, please endeavour to get them resolved at your earliest convenience before starting to use mypreorder.
Resolving any existing issues now will help to ensure that the customer and staff experience is the best it can be. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good first impression!