mypreorder is fully integrated with Kounta POS. Online orders are sent directly to the POS for staff to fulfil.

When a new online order is received, the Orders tab in Kounta will blink, and an audio notification will be played every 30 seconds until an action is taken.

Note that the audio notification is optional. Visit this article to enable the audio notification.

1) Tap on the Orders tab label.

2) Tap on the new order.

3) The new order is then displayed in the POS where you can choose to accept or reject the order. Tap Accept.

4) A notification confirming that the order has been accepted is briefly displayed. Tap Send to send the order to the printer.

5) The POS then returns to a state ready for the next order to be processed. You can access the online order again when it is ready by tapping on the Orders tab again.

6) Then go to the Pending tab and tap on the order.

7) Tap Ready to mark the order as Completed.