If your online store is automatically opened and closed based on your normal trading hours, or you offer catering, then the system needs to know if those trading hours are changed due to a public holiday or other circumstances.

If you open and close your online store manually and do not offer catering then you do not need to set up public holidays or "special dates".

Step-by-step guide

Adding a "special date":

  1. Log in to your Merchant Portal: https://merchant.mypreorder.com.au

  2. From the Dashboard, open the Menu Builder

  3. Choose "Special Dates" from the navigation bar on the left:

  4. Check to see if the date that you wish to configure is already listed:

  5. If it is, use the  button on the same line as the date to make any changes. If it isn't, use the  button to insert a new record and the following box will appear:

  6. Select the Special Date using the calendar icon:

  7. Next,
    1. If your online store will be closed all day, set Menu Available? to No.
    2. If your online store will be open at all, set Menu Available? to Yes; Specify the time frame in which your online store should be open (24 hour clock); and optionally specify a surcharge % to apply to all orders on that day.

  8. Click Save changes. You're all done. Repeat for other dates as required.