Kounta only allows price variances by percent, so to work around this and allow you to set up different types of promo codes, follow these steps:


  1. Log in to Kounta and create a new zero dollar product in Kounta, named ‘Discount’ or ‘Online Discount’


  1. Log in to the Merchant Portal and click POS Integration, then sync with Kounta to pull this new discount menu item in.

  2. Go to the Menu Builder, and locate the Discount menu item that has been imported (the menu item should be marked as unavailable already, so customers cannot see it online).

  3. Click Edit next to the menu item and look for the POS PLU field value that has been imported from Kounta. 

  4. Copy the POS PLU value to your clipboard (select the number and then CTRL+C).

  5. Now click on the Home icon to take you back to the Merchant Portal Dashboard.
  6. Click POS Integration
  7. Click Edit next to your Kounta POS in the list
  8. Paste your PLU into the Discount PLU field and click Save.


Now orders with any % or $ amount promo code applied will be sent through to Kounta with this PLU attached: