To link your Kounta POS to mypreorder and facilitate fully integrated online ordering:

  1. Visit our Web Site ( to choose your plan
  2. Under the plan you wish to sign up for, choose Kounta from the list of POS systems
  3. Ignore the Hardware option
  4. Choose help option 
  5. Click Sign Up for (your plan choice)
  6. On the confirmation popup, click OK and you're be redirected to your Kounta POS
  7. You may be prompted to login to you Kounta account if you're not already
  8. You will then be prompted to Authorise mypreorder to access you Kounta Company. Click Grant Access. 
  9. You will then be returned to the mypreorder web site where a confirmation message will be displayed to say your account is now linked. This message will also indicate current processing time.

Note: You must have sufficient Kounta permissions to authorise access to your information. If you do not see your company listed in Step 8 then you do not have sufficient permission and you should contact your Kounta Admin.

Next Steps: