After you've linked your Kounta POS to mypreorder, mypreorder will perform the initial data import of your products.

Next you will receive an email with your login details to the mypreorder Merchant Portal back office and your personalised online menu link from which your customers can place orders.

Here are your next steps to getting setup and ready to receive prepaid online orders:

  1. Login to the mypreorder Merchant Portal back office
  2. Once logged in you may change your password in Users > Change Password
  3. Go to Settings to check your business and contact details, plus upload your logo
  4. Go to Menu Builder to remove products that you do not want customers to be able to order online
  5. Go to Menu Builder > Menu Settings to set up your trading hours
  6. Add your personalised online menu link to your web site, to your newsletters and to your Facebook page's action button

That's it! You're now ready to accept online orders!

Here are some additional housekeeping tips and recommendations:

  • Kounta will be the master of your menu, so all menu & price changes should be performed in Kounta and then synchronised to your online menu from the mypreorder Merchant Portal back office
  • Go to Settings > POS Integration to synchronise your Kounta products to mypreorder any time you make menu or price changes in Kounta.
  • You can use modifiers or option sets in Kounta and these will also be copied across to mypreorder so that your customers can modify items they order, e.g choose coffee size
  • Adding images and descriptions to your menu items in Kounta is recommended as well, and then sync these to mypreorder to improve the look of your online menu and increase online sales
  • Use Menu Builder > Special Dates to add special trading hours, e.g. for public holidays

If you need assistance in getting set up, please do not hesitate in contacting mypreorder support.